Welcome to Biznezldr

We specialize in two kinds of clients:

  • Those who already hired someone to build their first website and are now ready to fire somebody.
  • Those who have never had a website before, but realize the question "How much does it cost?" is not the only thing the Client needs to know.

     Yes, pricing is important and we will negotiate a fair agreement with the Client.  But other things are important.  The Client has to know what they want and our job is to help the Client explain what they need (and why).

     What is the Client's goal?  Are there other websites (from any industry) the Client finds attractive?  What features does the Client like about those?  What doesn't the Client like?  How about the colors (we have artists on staff)?

     Does the Client want a News Letter?  A Blog?  Social Media?  eCommerce?  Password Access?  Archived past issues?

     You want the best webdesign company working for you.  We will ask a lot of questions.  We will get to know you.  We will be a major reason for your success.